Friday, March 28, 2008

roy sanchez

spider web top and bottom


Anonymous said...

some talented work there, mate

I have a question (Im a hobbyist)
when you say acrylic paint or pinlines on the hotcoat (resin I guess)
how the paint got an adhesion in a plastic like resin?
I see that in some surfboards, there like another resin coat on top of the work
but I m talking
about the acrylic in itself
that is diluted with a bit of water..
I tried with an airbrush and sprayed an old surfboard
but without any luck..


dm said...

thanks for digging through posts. the paint is always an acrylic mixed with water. then it is sprayed on the foam (shaped blank) or spray on the hotcoat.
on the hotcoat just means that the board has been glassed and sanded before the pinlines go on. hotcoat resin is the last resin applied before sandinig (polyester laminatating + surfacing agent-wax).
for your first question. the paint does not get an adhesion "in" the resin, but rather on top. the other form of color on this post is resin with pigment added for color.

Anonymous said...

Oh this!
So much cooler in black and white!